Healthcare Information Platform

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    Smart Health System with Integrated Care

    Cost-effective connected health system powered by unified patient records and analytics delivered to the point of care.

    • Complete OPD Process
    • Complete IPD Process
    • Billing, Packages & Insurance
    • Nursing (end to end simplified process)
    • Pharmacy (Batch, lots, generic)
    • Operation Theater Management
    • Inventory (GR, Returns, Consignment)
    • Procurement (consolidation, requisition)
    • Asset Management
    • Central Sterilization Service Department
    • Clinical Workstation
    • Integrated Laboratory Management LIS
    • Emergency Room Process
    • Diet & kitchen
    • Linen & Laundry
    • House Keeping
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Mortuary
    • Bespoke Packages
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    Telemedicine, Smart Health with Integrated Care

    Connected healthcare is now easy!

    • Facilitate flexible patient engagement with a seamless video experience that enables you to conduct appointments from your office or home, and at the time patients need it most
    • Ready-to-use AI-Powered Digital Healthcare Applications
    • Remote, Contactless Health and Wellness Monitoring
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    Full feature Patient Mobile Application
    • Appointment Management
    • Doctor Engagement App
    • Telemedicine & Remote Care
    • Prescriptions & Lab Orders - Results
    • All health records – easy to manage
    • IoT integrated devices (glucose, BP, HR, BMI, etc)

    helps you build relationships with your patients far more efficiently and effectively. better engage and empower patients to make more informed decisions about their health.

Healthcare Information Platform

Healthcare information systems are occupying an increasingly vital role in clinical patient care and hospital operations across the globe.

Their essential role includes capturing, storing, managing, or transmitting patient data and information related to the activities of healthcare organizations. The market for healthcare information systems is on the path of rapid evolution, essentially riding on the back of rising adoption of modern healthcare IT technologies.

Various systems and the underlying technologies have gained traction in the health sector with end users aiming to leverage their potential to transform patient care and healthcare practices world over.

Our ambit of healthcare information systems spans wide and the broad elements comprise operational systems, administrative systems, task-based systems, and financial systems. Some of the key applications of our systems include hospital information systems, pharmacy information systems, revenue management, and medical imaging information system. Our HIS platforms are accessible on the web, deployed through cloud or on-premise.

In recent years, the swift pace of digitization of healthcare data has created new paradigms in remote patient care. Furthermore, our systems leverage the application of wearable technologies, artificial intelligence, and advanced sensors that are positively influencing the benefits for healthcare information system.